[updated Saturday, November 27,  8:00 a.m.]

Williamston Wellness - 1235 E. Grand River, Williamston (NW corner of Zimmer Rd and Grand River)                        


             ****  These schedules are subject to change and are based on weather estimates  *****

NOTE:  Until further notice, all classes will be OUTDOORS.  Williamston Wellness has changed their policy to require indoor masking for everyone.  Even with everyone vaccinated and wearing a mask, indoor yoga is just not recommended in the room we are using.  The infection rate in Ingham County is now at 16% and is in the CDC's "HIGH" category.  Perhaps indoor yoga can again be scheduled when the infection rate is back under 2%.

We'll be in the grassy area behind the building on the NW side. 

In general, I won't be doing outdoor classes if the wind chill is below 40 degrees. I will try to post notice here at least an hour before class start time if that is the case.


Gentle Yoga

                  *****No more classes until spring.*****

This is a donation-based class.  Suggested donation of $10 or whatever you were paying with your punch card, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Protocols for Outdoor Yoga:

- Masks are optional outdoors.

- Please set up your mat at least 6' away from a neighbor

- Bring your own mat, props, towels, water, and anything else needed for your practice

- Sign a liability release form if you do not have one on file

- If you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, or have any COVID-19-type symptoms, please stay home.

Questions?  text or call me at 517-420-2307 or email at purdum5@spamcop.net

Be well.  Stay healthy.  Breathe!


Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga

Basic yoga poses and stretches suitable for beginners and those with physical limitations and varying levels of flexibility. Emphasis is on breathing. We usually start with a half hour of lying, seated, and kneeling poses designed to stretch the body.  Then we might move on to some basic standing poses like Warrior I and Triangle, adding some twists.  Then back to seated and lying poses, and ending in the relaxation pose of Savasana. Modifications are offered for those with limitations such as knee or hip replacements.  One hour.


Power Yoga

A challenging, vigorous class with a focus on breathing. The class is modeled on the Power Yoga classes of Bryan Kest, where the emphasis is on doing what you can do and discarding the rest.  We don’t keep score.  We practice doing poses and movements calmly and relaxed, even under the most challenging of conditions. The first half of the class is usually a vinyasa flow of Sun Salutations and other movements designed to warm up the body and get some cardio exercise.  Then we move to poses for strength, balance, and flexibility, where we might do a sequence of leg balances or arm balances.  The class usually closes with a shoulder stand, lying spinal twists, and the relaxation pose Savanasa. One hour.  Previous yoga experience is recommended but not required.


Deep Stretch

This class is a form of Yin Yoga and is suitable for beginners or those with no previous yoga experience.  Most of the poses are done lying, seated, or kneeling.  We focus on releasing tension, stretching muscles, slowing down, increasing flexibility, and holding some poses for several minutes to open up connective tissues. The poses are not strenuous and do not require much muscular strength to maintain.  There are no standing poses or poses requiring balance. Emphasis is on breathing. 60 minutes.



I took up yoga in 2013 as a means to ease chronic back problems.  Although I was active as a distance runner and endurance bicycle racer, degenerative disc disease resulted in two back surgeries and the realization that yoga was a much kinder way to treat the body.  I started teacher training in fall 2014 and the 240 hour Hatha Yoga teaching certificate was completed in 2015.  Over the past six years I have also completed teacher certification for Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga, Bryan Kest Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Meditation. 

I began teaching yoga at the Williamston High School Adult Fitness Center in the fall of 2015 and classes at Williamston Wellness in 2017.  

On Gentle Yoga:  “I wanted to create a class geared toward seniors but open and accessible to anyone, including beginners or those who have never done yoga. On many poses, I will suggest modifications or alternatives that you can choose from to suit your level of flexibility and your physical limitations. Many of people in the 50+ age group have arthritis or problems with the spine, knees, or shoulders. I have some of the same issues myself, and have a good sense of when to urge caution and how you can experience the benefits of a pose without hurting yourself.”


Old Videos

Power Yoga, August 2017 (57'): https://youtu.be/A0fmiS7m8OU

Gentle Yoga, July 24, 2017 (55'):  https://youtu.be/V_onT_IDqrk

Gentle Yoga, July 28, 2017 (55'):  https://youtu.be/HG_vpYDcDSQ

Deep Stretch/Yin Yoga, August 2017 (58'): https://youtu.be/DAsoN0zS9u4

Alternatives:  youtube classes with Evita Ochel:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li-2zZ56mUo)

Adriene has lots of Gentle Yoga videos: 


Power Yoga with Bryan Kest (from his VHS tapes of the 1990s):


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Arm Balances Tutorial

A short tutorial on how to do the arm balances in our Power Yoga class.